Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Time for games - PS Vita

The PS Vita is out in Europe and America!
Finally it’s here, Sony's answer to Smartphone- and Tablet-gaming, the PS Vita. But it’s pretty more than just a device for gaming. It combines everything about connecting players, which includes also social media with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and even Skype. Sony also introduced a new application called “near” where a player can locate other players which are close to them.
The interface is completely different from the well-known XMB (XrossMediaBar) which was introduced with the first Playstation Portable in 2004. It looks more like an iOS or Android System and navigating through it is pretty similar.
They have  also integrated a music player, a better internet browser with html5 support and a photo viewer. There are two cameras  – one on the back and the other on the front of the device. While the camera on the back can be used as a part in augmented reality games, the front-camera is useful for video-chats on skype-session with your friends. 
New and very special is the rear-touch panel which enables a never seen gameplay for casual- and also core-gamers.


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