Thursday, 29 March 2012

Beta of Photoshop CS6 released

Beta of Photoshop CS6 released
Adobe just released a public beta of the upcoming Photoshop CS6 for testing purposes. One of the most significant changes is the new look in dark-grey. Not only Photoshop will have this look, the whole Creative Suite 6 interface will be kept in dark-grey. Alternatively this feature could be also switched to the old colour, for those which prefer the brighter look.
Some other features:
·         Camera RAW 7.0
·         4 different colour themes for the user interface
·         Blur Gallery: 3 new filters - Iris Blur, Tilt Blur and Field Blur
·         Support for video-editing
·         Content aware move

There is no serial needed to test the beta which can be downloaded on the official website ( It will run until the full version is released, which will be approximately in mid-2012.


Friday, 16 March 2012

Which browser is best for you?

Currently there are three major web-browsers out on the web, which are Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox on the market. Every browser has its benefits and disadvantages - depending on what you are looking for the disadvantages maybe won’t be such a problem.
Based upon the top10 review of the website the number one browser is Google Chrome, followed by Firefox and the Internet Explorer. One disadvantage of Chrome is that it tracks a lot of information about your browsing behaviour, but it’s still a very good browser. Personally I use Firefox instead of Google Chrome because of its privacy policy but if you want to use a browser like Google Chrome and you do care about your privacy it would be recommended get

·         SRWare Iron ( or
·         CoolNovo ( formerly known as ChromePlus.

Both browsers won’t track your browsing behaviour while you are surfing through the web and are based on the original Google Chrome engine. They are getting updates in a regularly basis, which can be downloaded on their websites.
Mozillas Firefox is a powerful open source project by the Mozilla Foundation, which reaches millions of people around the globe. It’s also fast and secure. Like Chrome you could extend the features of the browser with add-ons or customize the design with personas. Just go the website with Firefox and move your mouse over a template and see what happens.
For a long time the Internet Explorer was one of the worst common browser on the market, but since version 9 they improved a lot and they keep improving it – due to the fact that the browser-market is highly competitive. The only said fact is, that if you still use Windows XP you can’t install version 9. So if you are using Windows XP you still could install version 8 or changing your default browser to another one, to get the full experience of the web.

Download links: (Internet Explorer)