Thursday, 29 March 2012

Beta of Photoshop CS6 released

Beta of Photoshop CS6 released
Adobe just released a public beta of the upcoming Photoshop CS6 for testing purposes. One of the most significant changes is the new look in dark-grey. Not only Photoshop will have this look, the whole Creative Suite 6 interface will be kept in dark-grey. Alternatively this feature could be also switched to the old colour, for those which prefer the brighter look.
Some other features:
·         Camera RAW 7.0
·         4 different colour themes for the user interface
·         Blur Gallery: 3 new filters - Iris Blur, Tilt Blur and Field Blur
·         Support for video-editing
·         Content aware move

There is no serial needed to test the beta which can be downloaded on the official website ( It will run until the full version is released, which will be approximately in mid-2012.


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