Tuesday, 27 December 2011

No more need for school reunions?

Are old school reunions going to be something of the past? With the advent of social network, will there be any need to make the effort to go and meet up with your old school friends of 20 years ago? We can know in a heart beat sotospeak what ever happened to the most beautiful girl or the best looking boy or the geek in the class. A quick click here and there and we can see from photos, videos and from posts the lives of our old chums. According to research promoted by the New York Times, such reunions have been reduced nearly by half. Is it due really to the likes of twitter and facebook or is it due to 'money worries' in times of global crisis?
Can social network satisfy our curiousity and nostalgia to the point that we will never feel the urge to see old friends in person?

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