Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hangover cured by a hair of the dog?

We thought that as it is the big day after the heavy night before and we are feeling somewhat fragile, we would write this short blog about the need for "hair of the dog".
The phrase "Hair of the dog" comes from the medieval times when it was thought that after you had been bitten by a rabid dog, applying a hair from the same rabid dog on to the wound would save you from rabies!

Note that it is HAIR (and not hare) of the dog!

Today most people understand it as meaning a cure for a hangover. The theory is that by consuming a small amount of alcohol somehow helps reduce the aftermath of drinking too much the night before. The aftermath is a consequence of alcohol poisoning so perhaps, it works because by having a wee drink, you are topping up your levels of alcohol again and so you feel better. One of the most popular 'hair of the dog' drinks is a bloody mary...pure vodka and vitamin C to boost!

We are now off to try to see if it works. Happy new year to all

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  1. For non-alcoholic cures....I find coke/pepsi really good!